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A few of my recent projects

Over thirty years ago I got my first job in publishing as an editorial assistant for a heavy rock magazine. A few years later, after a stint in Africa, I became an editor of children's history books. I was so excited when I got my first commission to write my own actual book - a biography of Marie Curie. Twenty years later and I've somehow notched up over one hundred books for children and adults. A good story always fires me up and I want my books to do the same for my readers. Here are a few recent projects ...

The Sun Over the Mountains: A Story of Hope, Healing and Restoration by Suzie Fletcher (Octopus, 2023)

Suzie Fletcher is the leather expert from the BBC television programme The Repair Shop. We had an instant rapport so it was easy to be Suzie's ghostwriter.  Often it just felt like two old friends talking. Suzie's stories and anecdotes flowed onto the page, even as we went over some painful memories. 

A beautifully illustrated children's book about everyday heroes such as firemen and doctors, or less obvious people like librarians and care assistants. The timing of this book was perfect because it celebrated all the people who became the real heroes of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In 2020 I scooped a SLA Award for this book.

A book inspired by the embarrassing questions posed by my kids. If realised that if we could translate some of those awkward subjects into fascinating figures and funky graphics then sex education could be more fun. This has to be one of the most well-thumbed books I've ever written!

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