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Stories, interesting facts, intriguing lives and a fascination with words inspire me to write and be an author. Every book is a new adventure. Sometimes I write on my own but I love to collaborate too. History, biography, music, art, animals, fashion and pop culture - I feel passionate about all of these things. I go by the name Liz Gogerly for children's books and Liz Flavell (LizGogerly-Flavell) for anything adult. Please contact me through my website if you need to know more about my writing services or about the ghostwriting process - I look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best

LizGogerly-Flavell, author, editor and ghostwriter


Florence wanted to tell the story of how clay and pottery helped her overcome postnatal depression. The working title was 'Prozac to Pottery' but we discovered there was a much bigger tale to tell. We weaved in pottery tips, psychology, brain science and stories about other potters. Upon its release, Florence's book went straight to number one for books about clay and ceramics.  








'An honest and redemptive story about the power of fun and creativity.'
Miranda Hart


'Florence's story shows us that pottery has the power to soothe the heart and heal the mind.' Julia Samuel

'I took so much from this book. It would never have occurred to me that the art of pottery might be such an important place to find solace and joy.'
Ben Goldsmith

This is the book I wish I could have read to my children when they lost their father. At the time I struggled to find anything that could help my kids understand what they were going through.  I've written over a hundred books for children but this might be the most important. It feels good that this little book is sitting on library shelves everywhere ready for anybody in need. ...











THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON by Liz Gogerly (Hodder Wayland)

It's twenty years old now and this remains my best-selling kid's book. The Great Fire of London was the subject that sparked my interest in history so I'm delighted that it's still in use in schools, proving that a good story told well will always grip readers - young and old. 











During Lockdown the commissions for books dried up and I returned to writing for magazines like 'Breathe'.


I've written a stack of biographies but it was a mind-buzzing challenge to try this whole new delivery system. David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Christian Dior, Prince and Bob Marley were all given this quirky infographic make-over. 


'This little book is great fun. I'm sure I know, and have maybe forgotten, most of the content, but finding it again in this novel presentation is a joy.'

Amazon review




...concise and relevant biography of not only Hendrix himself, but the people in his life... the use of infographics allows all the information to be absorbed easily, providing good conversation openers, gap fillers, a pub quiz aid and for those bold enough: Mastermind.'

Michael Barron, xsnoize


Florence St. George author of 'the Potter's Way'

'...this book could not have come to fruition without the spectacular and fabulous writer, poet, mother, music fanatic and fellow sea lover - Liz Flavell. Her empathy, calm nature and poetic way with words has allowed for a creative collaborative fizz or WHOOOOSH (if you will) that felt completely right from the moment we spoke.' 



I'll be in touch soon ...

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